Pamper your body with what you eat

Ever wondered what happens to the food we eat each day? The obvious answer everyone misses is that it eventually gets absorbed by your body. IT BECOMES YOU!

We are dedicated to offering proven dietary supplements that are guaranteed to improve the health and well being of our clients.



proflexen pro

ProFlexen is a great dietary supplement manufactured using natural products that support comprehensive joint health. Te regular use of this supplement enhances the free and comfortable movement of joints while maintaining their proper elasticity and health. A unique product which is an extract of frankincense greatly helps in the maintenance of the proper condition of bones and joints, coupled with the extract of long oyster. The ginger extract contained in the enhancement helps to preserve the free movement of the joints; thereby it prevents early morning inflexibility. Manganese and zinc together help in preserving healthy and strong bones. As we all know vitamin C is an essential component needed for many body functions and more so its need is felt in the production of collagen which in turn facilitates proper functioning of cartilages in various bone joints.


Detoxyn Pro

Detoxyn is a food supplement designed specifically to accelerate the processes that help in cleaning the body. The main components of the formulation are catechins extracted from Garlic and Green Tea, and Goldenseal; these additives decrease potentially pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive tract. In addition, there are many great benefits like having a fresh breath and vitality owing to the positive effect of thyme whereas Choline helps the liver function smoothly. The presence of Aloe Vera catalyses the detoxing process in the body, improves xenobiotic metabolism  and forms a guard against harmful micro-organisms.

Cappuccino MCT

Cappuccino MCT_pro

Cappuccino MCT is a formulated supplement which is instant coffee containing brown seaweed. This component regulates weight control, regulates bowel movement and more importantly, reduces fat by increased fat metabolism. Cappuccino MCT contains the miracle component garcinia cambogia which has many benefits which include reduction of hunger. This along with chromium maintains correct glucose levels in the body. Cappuccino MCT also contains caffeine, which improves focus and reduces the feeling of exertion during physical exercises.

Collagen Select


Collagen Select is a combination of an assortment of specially chosen ingredients giving it the special tropical flavor. These components essentially enrich the skin and mucous membranes thereby improving the look and feel of the skin. As the name suggests, the product assist in the regeneration and maintenance of collagen levels thereby helping in the maintenance of healthy hair and nails. This formulation protects cellular components owing to the rich anti oxidant content reducing oxidative damage. The lively exuberant color of the skin is also maintained.

Keto Actives


Keto Actives is a finely crafted supplement designed for weight loss explicitly meant for those on the ketogenic diet. In addition, Keto Actives maintain optimum levels of glucose and cholesterol. Eight ingredients are put together to form a super mixture that can burn fat and fight against fat accumulation in the body. The mineral component assists in noticeable hunger reduction. Keto Actives helps in upholding the vitality while the body sets about adjusting to the ketosis. This is a super supplement and its effect can be seen as early as in two weeks.



Varicorin, is a supplement formulated to improve the circulation of blood in the body. This benefit is derived from American Witch Hazel and an extract of Horse Chestnut. Heavy of legs is reduced by Butcher’s Broom Root extract. The product also supports blood circulation system and condition of blood vessel walls thanks to.  Centellin Gotu Kola Leaf Extract Grape Wine Extract content together improves peripheral circulation, improving the condition of blood vessels and also optimizing the cardio-vascular system.

Benefit from the very best Supplements

Based on your present need, we wish you find a suitable supplement and start improving your health progressively. We make every effort to provide you the best available supplements based on expertise of today’s high-tech research.

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